Guide to Authors

We tend to keep our criteria flexible and inclusive to encourage creative writing. Here are some important guidelines for writers to note:
1. This is an online publication with infrequent print and free dissemination. All submissions are to be made in a word file of suitable length (1200-1500 words 1 table/ figure, references where required) electronically via email.
2. An undertaking statement with a list of names of authors, their affiliations and signatures to declare:
i. Agreement upon authorship
ii. Transfer of copyrights to publisher
iii. Adherence to HEC guidelines for plagiarism
iv. Non-duplication of submission
3. We reserve the right to edit the submission for necessary changes including title, length, art & style; however, we will communicate in advance in case of substantive changes.
4. We welcome all sort of original writing relevant to the theme announced for each issue but also incorporate selective, original submissions other than the theme (including expression through poetry, prose or artwork).
5. Commissioned pieces, guest editorials are offered to the professionals who have authority on the subject.
6. To cover the cost for management and composition, our advisory board has decided to charge minimal publication fee from the writers. 11,000 PKR for national authors ;( 41 U.S $ for foreign authors). It will be negotiable in accordance with the academic status (student discount), rank, country and other circumstances since we aim to provide our esteemed readers full free access to the knowledge.

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