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Soul, Newsletter, is a quarterly periodical. Soul Newsletter aims to address areas which lie at the periphery of mental health. It also experiments blending science with art and age old healing traditions in mysticism and spirituality. It is expected to fill the void in the current paradigms of knowledge-base and serve as the soul of psychiatry.

We are delighted to present the latest edition 14th, Soul Magazine & Newsletter, dedicated to the intriguing realm of psychosomatics, mind-body connection, mental disorders in physically ill and physical health problems in psychiatric population. The theme is inspired by the concept that we are more energy than matter and our physical bodies are intricate systems of energy patterns.

 The issue collates discourse with experts from diverse backgrounds. Insight on Depression in cancer patients is shared by a renowned surgical oncologist. Public health experts have written about mental health policies and internet addiction. Depression in Primary care setting, psychosomatic symptoms in clinic, and reattribution therapy for somatoform disorders are explored by professionals from psychiatry, medicine and allied. Emphasis is laid on advances in therapeutics and medical technology. The issue encompasses Artificial Intelligence in Precision Psychiatry, the novel rTMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation), introduction to chatbot models.  A special reprint article by the former Health Minister is included, which ignited our interest in the theme. The article highlights the physical health needs of the mentally ill in a local context.

The Psychology Section features a unique perspective on the Islamic parenting model by a leading psychologist. The section also features esoteric literature on Near-death experiences. The art pages are a series of though-provoking psychological and metaphysical explanations of otherwise pure physical symptoms. The purpose is to redirect the focus on energy patterns operating within our bodies. A new section Research Insights, with notable remarks by research experts on studies, has been introduced to cultivate research culture among professionals and young visionaries.

We warmly welcome all the esteemed readers for valuable feedback. We extend an open invitation to writers who wish to contribute on any meaningful topic.

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